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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Issue 14/19 (October 2019)

EUIPO Latest Additions to TMclass and TMview read more

Germany Notification on Recording of a License in the International Register read more

New Zealand Official Fees Will Be Changed in 2020 read more

Philippines Flexible Approach on Mediation Implemented read more

Turkmenistan Important Changes to Trademark Law in Force read more

USA Changes to the TEAS / TEASi to Be Implemented Soon read more

USA USPTO Portable Media Device Policy Changing read more

WIPO Notification by Germany on Recording of a License in the International Register read more

Issue 13/19 (September 2019)

Argentina Official Fees Increased read more

Canada Correspondence on International Registrations to Applicant/Canadian Agent Only read more

Russian Federation Law on Geographical Indications Published read more

Singapore Trademark Registration Mobile App Introduced read more

South Korea Design Protection Act Amendment Soon read more

South Korea No Joint Renewal Requests Required Soon read more

Ukraine Ukrainian Official Language for Product Labeling / Advertising Required read more

USA Exam Guide on U.S.-Licensed Attorney Requirement Revised read more